Earth-houses at Garry Iochdrach and Bac Mhic Connain, in North Uist

With Notes on the Structures and the Relics found therein

Erskine Beveridge (Author)

J Graham Callander (Contributor)

Walls, Wall, Roof, Metalworking, Pottery, Bone Knife Handle, Radial Piers, Stone, Peat Ash, Bone Iron
Prehistoric, 1858


Report on the excavation of two subterranean dwellings. The main structure at Garry lochdrach measured 25 feet in diameter and was enclosed by a substantial wall. It contained a series of seven radial piers or divisional walls spaced at fairly regular intervals around a central chamber filled by peat ash. The roof was comprised of stone slabs. A small circular structure was located immediately to the north. The earth-house at Bac Mhic Connain consisted of two circular chambers, with two smaller quadrangular compartments between them, while to the north-east and south-east of the eastern one were the remains of buildings of indefinite character. Find included pottery, worked bone, iron and many worked stone objects. An Ogham inscription was identified on a bone knife handle and evidence of metalworking was recovered.


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Beveridge, E., & Callander, J. (1932). Earth-houses at Garry Iochdrach and Bac Mhic Connain, in North Uist. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 66, 32-66.

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